Our Story

More Than Just Engineers

Our consultancy was founded in 2016 by Afraz Siddiqui, a current Harvard Graduate Student & MIT certificate holder, & Ali Sidiqui, an 25+ years experienced professional, on the principles of excellence in computer software. They both saw a great void in the market for affordable and high quality technical solutions. With this issue in mind, a team of world class engineers, designers, and business personell was recruited. The demand of our consultants has grown astronomically due to the excellence of work and capability we bring to the table.

Our Consultants

Our team consists of some of the most talented individuals in the world, with experience and degrees from top technology companies and academic institutions — over half of our engineering consultants hold degrees from Harvard, MIT, & UCLA. Every project we take on is undertaken by a dedicated, vertically integrated team that is specialized and formed to meet the unique demands of each new endeavor.

Siddiqui & Company consultants tackle every step in the project as an individual problem, with a sheer focus on intelligent design, precision & efficiency. As an organization, we have institutionalized The Holistic Design philosophy – with every step, our consultants ask themselves what more they can do to ensure a superior big picture result, contributing to our commitment to a best-in-class level of quality and sophistication.

Holistic Design

Siddiqui & Company was built on several principles - of which the most importnat was excellent Holistic Design. We found that often, all types of technical projects were done in a fashion that got to a "finish line" as fast as possible. At our organization we have taken it upon ourselves to rewrite that mentality. The Holistic Design philosophy encompasses big picture solutions that are excellent in quality, longterm, and well integrated. Each of our consultants works in conjunction with others to ensure every aspect of a project is covered.

Our Partners

Our partners are well-rounded individuals and superb leaders.

Afraz Siddiqui

Afraz Siddiqui is a current Harvard Graduate Student pursuing a Masters in Computer Science with a concentration in Information Management Systems. He completed his Bachelors in Management, receiving a Minor in Entrepreneurship & Concentration in Health Science. Afraz has been a fullstack programmer for 10+ years with language expertise in C, Java, PHP, Objective-C, and many others. His passion for innovation and progress is exemplified through his successful startup exit, organization advisory roles, and commitment to greater causes.

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Ali Siddiqui

Ali Siddiqui is a current Senior Technology Consultant & advisor to many organizations. He has over 25 years of experience in various engineering & leadership roles. Additionally, Ali has authored many patents that are heavily used in mass technology today. Of notable mention, Ali designed and spearheaded the implementation of the Internet Infrastructure for the country of Saudi Arabia. Having gone through senior level management at organizations such as AT&T, Nokia, & Bell Lab, Ali has risen to be a true leader.

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